What is BibleJourney?





BibleJourney’s mission is to fully equip Bible students and teachers in any setting – formal or non-formal, and, eventually, in all major languages – to understand the Bible and be competent in its interpretation.



Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Tim Laniak, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (GCTS) undertook a Biblical Literacy Project (BLP) in 2010. The purpose was to reverse the global tide of biblical illiteracy and to create a generation of biblically educated believers who understand Scripture in its own context and know how to interpret it in a variety of contemporary contexts. The BLP also addressed the urgent need for competent Bible teachers called to non-ordained ministry in churches and parachurch organizations. The vision was first expressed through BibleJourney®, a regional church-based program offered with the option of certification in Bible Interpretation and Bible Teaching. The program served local pastors and ministry leaders who were looking for a 21st century tool to facilitate transformational Bible learning in church and home settings. BibleJourney® stirred a call to ministry among numerous participants with an average of 5% matriculating to seminary each year.

By 2016, a separate educational resource and service provider, BibleJourney, LLC (BJ) was formed to enhance Gordon-Conwell’s mission with a global option for Bible engagement. A team of creative professionals helped build an innovative, highly interactive curriculum that serves as the center of the BJ program.

Collaborative Approach


BibleJourney is collaborating with partners such as the Museum of the Bible, Christianity Today, Radio Bible Class, Back to the Bible, The Bible Project, Wycliffe Bible Translators, YouVersion, American Bible Society and a host of churches, denominations and parachurch ministries in the sharing of valuable resources and engaging the global community.

Bible Coalition is a separate 501(c)(3) that was established in 2016 to promote Bible engagement globally, beginning with BibleJourney®. Donations to Bible Coalition fund BibleJourney® scholarships for students in the Majority World and among minorities in North America. To date, over $500,000 has been raised through Bible Coalition for this purpose. Apart from these scholarships, the BibleJourney® program substantially reduces the cost of courses for all participants who come under an organizational license with a church, ministry or school.



BibleJourney® courses are app-based, with a combination of the highest quality biblically orthodox content, thoughtful andragogy and breath-taking technology and media (e.g., interactive maps, 3-D animations of archaeological sites and objects, fly-over videos, interviews, exercises, quizzes, etc.), aimed at moving learners into a cohesive, coherent and comprehensive understanding of Scripture. As an interactive curriculum, students will be listening, watching, responding, discussing, exploring, discovering, journaling and posting about their journey through the Bible.

The 225 lessons of BibleJourney® each use the following rubric:

(1) “In the Text”(immersion in the literary contexts, metanarrative, themes, terms and structures)

(2) “Behind the Text”(exploration of historical, geographical, cultural and religious contexts)

(3) “In Front of the Text” (discovery of the implications and impact of each passage on Christians of various backgrounds and contexts throughout history and around the world).

The BibleJourney Difference


Unique features of BibleJourney include:


  •  Engages every book of the Bible.
  •  Best in class technology for experiential learning, featuring components not available in other curricula for seminaries and Christian colleges.
  •  Constructive, social learning is combined with cutting edge educational technologies.
  •  Affordable options for both explorers and students.
  •  Flexible access on an independent platform through Apple and Android apps.
  •  Focus on teacher development, a crucial need for the Church. Students and teachers can access “tools” and “resources” they will use for a lifetime.
  •  Clear pathway and advanced standing for certification and further theological education.
  •  Dynamic resources, constantly updated for continuous use by students and teachers.
  •  Exceptional quality content packaged in accessible chunks that empower learning.
  •  Irenic “middle of the road” evangelical/orthodox orientation offers a faith-based education without a denominational disposition.
  •  Global orientation to the Bible. The assumption in BibleJourney® is that the Bible is not “owned” by any one of us, but rather God’s gift that has been received by all of us.
  •  Student and Explorer tracks.
  •  Seminary level education at a fraction of the cost.