Dear BibleJourney Sojourners,

Since our August report, we have been busy editing content for the Five Books of Moses and providing it to Comepdia to load into our app.  Compedia has created a web-based version of the app for user testing.  With the assistance of Polymath, we have developed user testing questions and we plan to collect user feedback in November and December.

On October 27, we met with Museum of the Bible’s (MOTB) leaders to show them our app.  They were very excited about our progress, and they will be displaying our app in their retail store.  Michael Haun is constructing our display and plans to install it at MOTB in approximately two weeks so it will be ready for MOTB’s grand opening on November 17.  MOTB visitors will enjoy a discounted price for this prerelease version of BibleJourney.  MOTB expects to have as many as 20,000 people pass through the Museum each day, so we are expecting significant exposure in their store.  If you have not been following MOTB, you will be amazed.  You can check them out at

On November 17-21, we will host a booth at the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) in Boston to showcase our prototype with the books of Genesis and Exodus.  We are also in the process of scheduling meetings with interested churches and ministries who want to be involved in beta-testing and focus groups.

Meanwhile, Tim continues to teach the NT portion of BibleJourney at Gordon Conwell, capturing video for our New Testament lecture content.  Stay tuned for a slightly new look and feel of our website later this week.

Thank you once again for your prayers, encouragement, and support.  Please continue to pray for all of our team members as we approach some key upcoming milestones for launching the BibleJourney experience!


Tim and Bryan