Your Guide

Dr. Tim Laniak

After twenty years serving as professor, urban ministry coordinator and dean at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Tim brings his rich experience, wide-ranging scholarship and deep personal passion to BibleJourney’s convergent media curriculum.  His passion for Scripture and missions has led to a fruitful teaching ministry in churches and schools around the world, as well as writing about the Bible in its cultural context.  Tim connects the dots and brings the Bible alive as he guides you through your journey.

Your Host

Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin

Nicole is a popular speaker, awarded preacher and recognized author who currently serves as Assistant Professor of Ministry and Leadership Development at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Senior Metro Mobilizer for the American Bible Society, and as the Founder and Executive Director of Soulfire International Ministries. Nicole brings rich pastoral experience from her previous role as Executive Minister at The Park Church in Charlotte, NC.  She anchors the BibleJourney lessons as our enthusiastic host.