How It Works

Your Journey


BibleJourney is a life-changing educational adventure for Christians who want more than they’ve had before: more than sermons, Sunday school, adult curriculum for small groups or personal Bible study. BibleJourney delivers exceptional content in an accessible way – in short interactive lessons guided by a scholar who makes Scripture’s enduring principles accessible to anyone.

For clergy, educators and others involved in the ministry of Bible and religious studies: Let BibleJourney help you develop your own Bible and religious studies curriculum by incorporating BibleJourney content that is specifically tailored to the learning objectives of your ministry or school.

Your Paths


BibleJourney is a curriculum of six courses that introduces serious users to a robust exploration of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. The courses are made up of seven to eight modules each, with every module featuring five lessons. This format makes it possible to study the whole Bible in less than a year, engaging one lesson each weekday for about 30-45 minutes.

Explorers will travel at their own pace for personal development or join others in a group study. Explorers may generate a certificate of completion in either setting.

Students take an academic path that is supervised by an educational institution. For more information on academic certification click here.

Those enrolled in college or seminary can fold three courses into a semester for Old or New Testament Survey credit.

Your Movement


Each journey lesson has 3 movements that can carry you on your way:


  1. In the Text:  For inductive observations and insights that help you grasp the big picture metanarrative and the hyperlinked nature of Scripture.
  2. Behind the Text:  For full-color background context using high-end visuals and immersive interactives.
  3. In Front of the Text:  For wide-ranging application for individuals, churches & contemporary culture, as we listen to leaders & artists of the historical & global Church.