What is the structure of the BibleJourney curriculum?

BibleJourney is an in-depth Bible study with three Old Testament courses and three New Testament courses.  Each course has 7-8 modules.  Each module has 5 lessons.  There are a total of about 225 lessons for the entire Bible.  Each lesson has 12-24 learning activities (exercises, interactives, videos, etc.).

How is each lesson organized?

Each lesson includes inductive observations and insights (“In the Text”), full-color background context using high-end visuals and interactives (“Behind the Text”), and wide-ranging implications for individuals, churches and contemporary culture (“In Front of the Text”).  We reach beyond standard “application”topics to engage a global conversation about the Bible’s claims on every aspect of life.  BibleJourney’s In Front of the Text also features musicians and other artists who interpret the Bible in a wide variety of media.  The journey has many “interpretation stops” for students and explorers to reflect on the methods they are learning both inductively and deductively.

What makes BibleJourney unique?

The distinctiveness of BibleJourney is its combination of the following:

  • Six courses that engage every book of the Bible.  A la carte options encourage tailored programs for various constituency groups and individuals.
  • The complementarity of “In,” “Behind” and “In Front of the Text” balances inductive Bible study, background and big picture with solid interpretive method that engages voices from the global Church.
  • Integrated pathway through the Bible that incorporates both content and method.
  • Constructive, social learning combined with cutting-edge educational technologies.
  • Affordable options for both single-use and life-long learners.
  • Flexible access on an independent platform for all devices online or offline, with Android and Apple apps and web interface.
  • Clear pathway and advanced standing for teacher development, certification and further theological education.
  • Dynamic reservoir of resources, continually updated for use by students and teachers.
  • Exceptional quality content packaged in accessible chunks that empower learning.
  • Irenic “middle of the road” Evangelical orientation which offers a faith-based education without denominational bias.
How long will it take to complete the BibleJourney Courses?

BibleJourney for personal and church use will normally be finished in one or two years, depending on the pace.  A typical two-year rhythm would work on one module a week, completing a Testament in Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.  In academic settings, the three courses of a Testament will be completed in a semester.  Each lesson is designed for students to take approximately 45 minutes to complete, with an explorer version aimed at 20-25 minutes.  Individuals are also expected to read the respective section of the Bible correlating with each lesson.

What resources are available to leaders who wish to roll out BibleJourney at a church, school, ministry or small group?

The student version of BibleJourney will have a “toolkit”with a variety of supplemental resources for growth and experimentation. The tool kit is designed for both teachers and students.  A Learning Management System (LMS) will be available within the BibleJourney app to enable group leaders to monitor and assess student progress through each of the learning activities. For students taking BibleJourney for academic credit, Teaching Assistants (“Coaches”) will work with students on assignments, and students will work collaboratively with one another in discussion groups.  Other resources for the explorer version will be built by various ministries and churches over time.

What is the time line for the development of the BibleJourney curriculum?

All courses are now available.


How can I get academic credit for BibleJourney?

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, one of the world’s leading seminaries, is the first to partner with BibleJourney to allow students to receive certification and advanced standing exemption for Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey courses.  Other schools have expressed similar interest, and BibleJourney plans to partner with schools all over the world to provide this same opportunity.

Can I receive BibleJourney credit in a lay education setting?

Churches and ministries may provide a certificate for those completing all or a portion of the BibleJourney curriculum.


What is the mission of BibleJourney?

The mission is to fully equip Bible students and teachers in any setting – formal or non-formal, and, eventually, in all major languages – to understand the Bible and be competent in its interpretation.

How is BibleJourney part of the larger Bible movement?

BibleJourney is collaborating with partners such as the Museum of the Bible, Christianity Today, Radio Bible Class, Back to the Bible, The Bible Project, Wycliffe Bible Translators, YouVersion, American Bible Society and a host of churches, denominations and para-church ministries in the sharing of valuable resources and engaging the global community.

How did BibleJourney get started?

BibleJourney started as a regional, classroom-based program with the option of certification in Bible Interpretation and Bible Teaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  BibleJourney, Inc. was formed as a separate educational resource and service provider to work across the globe with schools, churches, denominations and ministries.

How can I sponsor others on their journey?

BibleCoalition is a non-profit ministry whose mission is to promote Bible Engagement around the world. They are managing scholarship funds for BibleJourney schools, ministries and churches.  A $50 contribution starts an individual on their journey with a course.  A $300 contribution provides an individual the full BibleJourney experience and an opportunity for transforming lives.

You can send a tax-deductible donation designated for BibleJourney in the memo line to:

BibleCoalition Inc
2331 Cathedral Ave. #508
Washington, DC 20008


What is an individual license?

An individual license is a license granted to an individual user.

What is the term of an individual license?

An individual user license is granted for one year as of the date of purchase.

How do I purchase an individual license?

An individual license can be purchased on the BibleJourney website www.biblejourney.com under the “Get Started” tab.  Individuals must first register as a user.  Once registered, any of the available courses can be purchased.

How can I extend access to the BibleJourney content past my one-year license period?

A license can be extended by purchasing an additional course, which will add another year to the license for everything previously purchased.  A license can also be extended by paying an annual maintenance fee, which would allow continued access to the BJ content, including resources such as maps created and electronic Bible mark-ups.

What is an organizational license and what is the benefit of an organizational license?

An organizational license is a license granted to an organization for the purpose of granting the organization’s members a significant discount from retail.  BibleJourney believes that group dynamics provide a much richer experience and thus is providing a significant incentive for individuals to travel in groups.  Thus, the group discount from retail is 75%.

How do I purchase a license for my organization?

An organizational license can be purchased by any authorized representative of the organization on the BibleJourney website www.biblejourney.com under the “Get Started” tab.  Organizational representatives (administrators) must first register.  Once registered, an organizational license can be purchased. The organizational license is granted for one year as of the date of purchase.


Are there any benefits to Professors?

Professors who require the BibleJourney courses for his or her students can utilize the BibleJourney courses for free.

As a professor, how can I teach with BibleJourney?

Professors can use the BibleJourney app as an electronic textbook for their students in lieu of or in addition to a hard copy textbook.  If a professor chooses to use all or a significant portion of the classroom and onsite lecture videos, the professor can then “flip” the classroom and utilize time with students to take the classroom to the next level of discussion.  A professor may also select from a variety of app features – exercises, quiz banks, journals, and the built-in Learning Management System for interacting with students.


How do I purchase a course and download the app?

Individual users can purchase a course on the BibleJourney website www.biblejourney.com under the “Get Started” tab.

How do I receive and use a coupon code?

Coupon codes can be obtained from your organization’s administrator.  Your organizational administrator must first purchase an organizational license.

How do I navigate through the BibleJourney app?

A Navigation Guide can be accessed with the following link:

BibleJourney Navigation Guide


What devices and operating systems are supported?


  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel core I3 or better
  • Video: Intel HD Graphics 5000
  • RAM: 4GB or more


  • Operating System: OSX 10.13 or later
  • Processor: Intel core I3 or better
  • Video: Intel HD Graphics 5000
  • Memory: 4 GB or more


  • iPad (since Mar ’17); iPad Air 2 (since Oct ’14); iPad Pro (since Nov ’15)
  • Operating System: iOS 12 recommended
What is the Wifi requirement?

The BibleJourney courses are content rich and should have a WiFi speed of 10 Mbps or faster

I am a licensed user. How do I get app updates?

Users will receive periodic prompts to update their version of the app to incorporate improved features.

How do I reset my password?

User passwords resets can be requested on the Sign-In page for the BibleJourney app or the Sign-In page for the BibleJourney website.

What do I do if I receive a message that my Mac version is from an unapproved developer?
If you receive the following message, you will need to adjust your Mac’s security preferences to allow this download.

Still have questions? Contact us at hello@biblejourney.com.